Hockey Connection News

We helped 3 players get placed on teams this year already! Read some of their success stories below:

"Hockey Connection has given me acccess to hundreds of clubs that I can look through and contact. I really want to play in the LA area of the United States and this has been possible to do because of their database"

- Chand Smith, Stockholm, Sweden

"I really wanted to play hockey in France to experience their culture, learn the language, and play some hockey. Without the help of Ryan Bahl and Hockey Connection I wouldn't have been able to get overseas. Now I'm livin' the dream."

- Brayden Clancy, Ontario, Canada

"I have been playing ice hockey over in Europe for a few years now. Many times, getting an opportunity to play for a team, is just a contact away. Ryan Bahl and Hockey Connection have recently put me into touch with new possibilities. Hockey Connection is a great way for players to explore new and exciting opportunities."

- Kirk Golden, Aspen, Colorado